[NEWS] HyunA Looks Sexy While Enjoying A Drink In The Middle of The Day


HyunA doesn’t need the aid of Photoshop and lighting to look amazing – she’s just naturally gorgeous!

This was further evidenced in a photo tweeted by Cube Entertainment. The tweet read, “The 4minute unnis went to find a poppin’ lounge in the middle of the day! HyunA’s mood is amazing and every picture you take is like a photoshoot! HyunA said that this photo shouldn’t be kept to just myself… 

Well, HyunA’s right! HyunA looks beautiful in the photo and it deserves to be shared. She doesn’t even have the formalities of a photoshoot, but that’s not keeping her from looking amazing.


[NEWS] 4minute Give Fans A Sneak Peak Into The Making Of “Is It Poppin’?” In BTS Clip

4minute made their “Is it Poppin’?” comeback on last night’s Inkigayo after releasing the music video to the upbeat track last week. Now, the quintet have given fans another treat — behind-the-scenes access to the filming of the MV.

In the BTS clip, the girls show more footage of them playing in the water, as well as tons  of smiles and laughter on set. Having already made a splash on music charts, the girls are headed for another successful promotion cycle.

[Update] 4minute members attend Sohyun’s high school graduation

4minute celebrated the high school graduation of their youngest member Sohyun.

Jihyun tweeted, “Just a bit ago, Sohyun attended her graduation ceremony at Poong Moon Girls High School. Congratulate her!” Photos from the graduation show Jihyun standing behind Sohyun, whileHyunA gets a little teary. Sohyun also posted, “I graduated high school,” expressing her excitement.

Fans responded, “You still seem like a baby. I can’t believe you’re an adult now”, “Now all the 4minute members are adults”, and more.

Congrats to Sohyun!

[Update] 2Yoon Shows Off Their Close Relationship

4minute’s sub group, 2Yoon which recently released their EP are busy promoting their new song, ’24/7′. The group consists of Gayoon and Jiyoon respectively and they recently showed off their close relationship in a selca.
Ji Yoon tweeted a picture with the comment, “Maybe it was too close”. Both the girls looked serene as they smiled at the camera in their colourful outfits.
Netizens commented, “Wow, two dolls!” and “I wish I could be so beautiful too”.